Biography : Rose Kantiono

Rose Kantiono

Rose Kantiono is an elementary school teacher in the Peel District School Board. Born in Ivory Coast and originally from Burkina Faso, she studied and worked in Germany before coming to Canada. Her philosophy of education and humanitarian work is rooted in this quote: "As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person" (Paul Shane Spear). 

Recipient of  the teacher Award of Distinction in 2013 from the Peel Board for "Being an inspiring leader who instills the values of generous humanitarian work" Rose has dedicated her time and passion to various projects in Canada and overseas, such as Quinte West Refugees committee, Unicef, Stephen Lewis Foundation, Me to We, Watoto Orphans in Uganda, Khango school project in Burkina Faso, teachers training program in Barbados (a project of the Canadian Teachers Federation and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario). Rose has recently been appointed to the ETFO International Assistance Committee. She is also a member of the Catholic Women League and the People of Motherland, an organization that promotes the African culture in the Greater Toronto Area.

After volunteering for the Canadian Samaritans for Africa, Rose has joined its Board of Directors to bring her experiences and skills to the service of an organization that impacts lives of many people in Africa and to make a difference.

Pity is not enough, compassion is a real and deep human feeling, sympathy and empathy are good, but solidarity is better, and collaboration is the best thing we can offer to Africans especially the women and children who want to work hard to realize a better future for themselves and their children.
- Stan Chu Ilo

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