Adu Achi Women Co-Operative Union

The Women Co-operative Union, aims at empowerment of people, promotion of integral development, challenging structures of injustice, creating hope and working for peace. The membership of the co-operative is voluntary, non-discriminatory, non-religious and governed by a constitution made by the women.

Insufficient funding: this is a major challenge for the women. For instance, a huge amount of money is being paid for the processing of the palm fruits thereby leaving them with little or no profit. They hire and pay some capable hands (labour) for the cultivation and processing of some of their farm produce.

The cassava plants are sometimes attacked by pests, making them to be less productive. This is because there is not enough money to buy pesticides and good fertilizers.

The women have not received any other fund apart from the one sent in 2010, therefore they are somehow drawn backwards financially. This has had a discouraging effect on them because of the recent economic challenges in the country. Most of them have lost hope and are still worried about how to pay back the funds they already received for continuous circulation.

They are also faced with transportation challenges and poor market sales. Not many people in the village are willing to buy the palm oil at the rate which can fetch the women some profit. Therefore, in order not to loose completely, they carry the goods to bigger towns where they can meet people who are ready to afford the amount they are asking for. Transportation costs, therefore, become a major factor for them.

What Canadian Samaritans for Africa has Done:

  • Completed the building and equipping of the skills center for women
  • Given micro credit to 60 women all of whom are now running their own businesses
  • Completed training of over 150 women in the co-operative union in the following areas: baking, soap-making, and production of bottled water
  • In the process of establishing a business center at the center and producing bottled water, making soap, and establishing a bakery

We Need Donations to give more micro-credit for deserving small scale women driven businesses; and to equip the skills centre with more machines for food production and for the planned soap making unit.

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