Aitiji Ican Farmers Women

“Aitiji Ican”(meaning “Fighting Poverty”) Farmers’ Field School was started by the Women in Ongutoi village.
A fully educated, empowered and economically productive woman in the family who will be able to fight poverty at personal, family and community levels and be able meet her own needs and the needs the family.

Village women are challenged in many ways because of their gender and a culture that keeps them subservient.
They have very little voices in their family decisions and hardly own property of their own. Yet the family livelihood and day-to-day survival is solely dependent on them. They have to plan and prepare for daily meals and sustenance of the family.


The mission of the Group is to get together as women and talk about issues that affect them as Village women and design strategies to improve their livelihoods.

They seek to empower themselves by pursuing goals that make them more productive.

Your contribution will help CSA to support these women.

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