3rd Annual Canadian African Awareness Dinner And Charity Concert: Building on the Assets of the African Women.

Our intent is to draw attention to the gradual transformation of Africa through human and cultural development at grassroots level in Africa. We will showcase some of the life-changing projects of CSA in order to demonstrate why and how identifying, prioritizing and supporting the assets of Africans could offer a better structure and framework for sustainable development in Africa that meets the needs of Africans. This year we will focus on Kenya women and Children and, Uganda projects with our Guest speakers Sarah Dunn from TEGEMEZA INTERNATIONAL and sister Rosemary Nyirumbe from SEWING HOPE FOUNDATION.

Keynote Speaker


Director, St-Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre, Gulu, Uganda and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014.

For the last 30 years, Sister Rosemary of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus based in Juba, South Sudan, has answered the call to serve the least among us from the epicenter of a bloody and violent civil wars that decimated northern Uganda and South Sudan.

OnStage Discussions


Hear from renowned CNN hero, Sr Nyirumbe who has changed the lives of more than 4000 African girls in East Africa, one of CSA’ agent Sarah Dunn, who closely work with Triple C, the women and children in the slums and with De’ Bridge school. Share in the stories from the field from CSA founder, Fr Stan Chu Ilo and from other CSA agents and board members, Canadian humanitarians and politicians on the changing faces of Africa and how you can be a part of God's dream for Africa through your support for the girls being served by Sr Nyirumbe and the life-changing efforts which CSA is undertaking in Central African Republic.



Enjoy a fantastic showcase of cultural performances that will transport you to the communities in Africa that will be benefiting from the evening with: our Guest performer The Master Drummer Amadou Kienou, Simplicity band, the well known DJ Scalu form Kenya and more.