Grace for Rural orphans and Widows

Over the last 7years that the GROW Nursery section has existed, there have been a number of children that have graduated to primary school and moved to the nearby local primary schools. As a mode of enrollment, GROW announces at the different churches at the end of the year to create awareness about the number of available slots in the Nursery for the next academic year. We then register children according to the available slots, number of chairs, age(usually 4-5yrs) among others. We are always limited by space and number of chairs as we want each child to be comfortable while at school. The registration runs until we get the required number of children for the Nursery after which we stop registration. Currently GROW has registered 57 children in the Nursery for this academic year (2016). The Nursery comprises of two sections namely baby and middle. The baby section has 29 pupils with 15 boys and 14 girls while the middle section has 16 boys and 12 girls totalling to 28 pupils. We have two well trained teachers that oversee the Nursery on a daily basis one for baby class and the other for middle class. The children are occupied through out the day and the teachers switch classes whenever necessary. The children use the Veranda of the GROW Living and Learning Center (GLLC) as their class areas. The veranda is partitioned with a curtain to form baby class on one end and middle class on the other. The children start their day with morning devotion and have their lessons till midday daily. At school the children are provided with all the basic requirements that include books, pencils, rubber, colors among others. The school also has a nutrition program where each child takes specailly prepared porridge (with sugar and milk) by the school cook. This has boosted the immunity of the children and also helped to fight malnutrition amidst the infants. As a pictorial, we thought it best to show you a day in the life of the Nursery school children.