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Mieke Thorne Presented with Lifetime award by Canadian Samaritans for Africa

Mieke Thorne Presented with Lifetime award by Canadian Samaritans for Africa

A lifetime of compassion and humanitarian outreach to Africa has earned Belleville’s Mieke Thorne a lifetime award from the Canadian Samaritans for Africa.
Thorne, a long-time activist and a member of Amnesty International, received the award in recognition of her selfless humanitarian outreach to Africa. Rose Kantiono, a Quinte Grannies for Africa fashion show participant, nominated Thorne and did a power point presentation at the ceremony.
“I have been in love with Africa my entire life,” Thorne said while accepting the award. “I was actually considering being a nun in Africa until the boys came along.”
She spoke of her work with Quinte Grannies for Africa and mentioned the African grannies who had recently visited for the book launch of “Powered by Love” in Quinte, as well as her work with refugees and human rights through Amnesty International.

“We are not the heroes, they are the true heroes,” Thorne said in dedicating her award to the grandmothers of Africa.‚Äč

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Pity is not enough, compassion is a real and deep human feeling, sympathy and empathy are good, but solidarity is better, and collaboration is the best thing we can offer to Africans especially the women and children who want to work hard to realize a better future for themselves and their children.
- Stan Chu Ilo

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