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  • DeBridge School Waithaka, Nairobi

    Charity Project | Education Projects

    Children in the DeBridge Community (Waithaka section of Nairobi) love to go to school. Each day the DeBridge School receives many parents or guardians who plead with them to accept their children. Unfortunately, they do not have enough capacity to accommodate every request. Thus   Read More >

  • St Monica’s School in Gulu, Uganda

    Charity Project | Education Projects

    The St Monica’s Girls School in Gulu is a symbol of the sacrifice and work of Sr Rosemary Nyirumbe, the Mother Teresa of Africa, who single-handedly has rescued more than a thousand abducted young girls from forced marriage and rape in the hands of the   Read More >

  • Tegemeza International

    Charity Project | Education Projects

    Tegemeza in Swahili means “to support”.

    Tegemeza was founded in 2014 after our family returned from an extended trip to Kenya. While in Mombasa, Kenya, we met a wonderful faith-filled woman by the name of Mama Rose.

    She founded the Crisis Centre for   Read More >

  • The Children's Educational Fund (CHEF)/CORE Uganda

    Charity Project | Education Projects

    The mission of the Children’s Educational Fund (The CHEF – Uganda)/CORE Uganda ( is to avail vulnerable children (orphans, former abductees, those infected with HIV/AIDS and very poor children) with sufficient basic education or skills and support activities that ensure sustainability in generating provisions for   Read More >

How to Get Involved

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  • Sponsor a specific water, educational or skills-development project in any of our chosen countries: Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya. more >

Pity is not enough, compassion is a real and deep human feeling, sympathy and empathy are good, but solidarity is better, and collaboration is the best thing we can offer to Africans especially the women and children who want to work hard to realize a better future for themselves and their children.
- Stan Chu Ilo