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Recent studies done in the republic of South Sudan mainly by UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations indicate that due to the long period of conflict, the population of women exceeds that of men because most men have died in combat. At the same time the number of widows and orphans has also increased over time. This also indicates that women are taking charge of families and also there is a growing number of child headed families. This therefore justifies the need to establish a savings and micro credit support centre to train and support these women to produce food and generate income for self-sustainability.

CDTY Women Micro – Credit Support Centre will provides basic training in group dynamics, project management, savings mobilization and credit management. Those members who will go through the training will be organised in groups of 5 to 10 members and these groups should have well organised leadership for the management of the loans. Group members are expected to come up with a project idea for income generation which could be a retail business, and agricultural project, a metal fabrication unit, a hair dressing unit or any project that should be able to generate income which will pay back the credit extended to the member.

Before credit is extended to the group, this group should have saved at least 20% with the CDTY Women micro-credit support centre of the total loan the group has applied for. Members of groups will apply for the loans through the group and it is the group which will apply for the credit from the micro-finance support centre. For the pool of funds to grow, members will pay an interest of 2% per month on every loan taken. Group leaders are expected to collect this money during monthly group meetings and deliver it to the CDTY Women micro-credit support centre and members will pay back all credit extended to them within a period of one year.

The catholic parish model will be used to select and organise the groups and the project will start by training 45 women leaders who will be selected from all the catholic parishes of the Diocese, and they will be trained in three phases with each phase admitting 15 women leaders. These women leaders will undergo a 5 days intensive training on group dynamics, savings and credit management, lending and financial management. The parish priests and parish councils will be instrumental in mobilization of these women leaders and in monitoring the success of each group. Yearly awards will also be given to groups which have established successful individual projects.

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