Rainbow of Peace School

This school is a 100% community owned initiative started since 1982. The women of this community wanted to build a community-supported educational center for the comprehensive education of the children of this community especially the girls.

The school has a preferential admission for girls who are also given opportunities for skill and professional development.

Rural communities in Nigeria like most other African countries are increasingly taking responsibilities for their futures in the face of the strain and near collapse of public institutions in the continent.

Many communities undertake educational and development projects because the government has failed them in that regard.

The school receive no funding or stipend from the government. The parents tax themselves and the Catholic church in the community undertakes annual fund-raising events to support the schools. Most of the staff are volunteers. The Daughters of Divine Love nuns manage the school which reduces significantly the management cost because the nuns are not paid.


The Canadian Samaritans in the Fall of 2008 donated a mini-van to the school for use in transportation of the staff and students.

Fund Raising

The Canadian Samaritans for Africa is helping with the completion of the roofing of the classroom block with a grant of $7,500 Canadian dollars. We will also raise more funds to help complete the building and equip the laboratory for the study of chemistry, physics, and biology.

With your contribution, the Canadian Samaritans for Africa wants to support the school in four ways:

  1. To help the completion of the classroom blocks. The classroom has not been roofed and the classes do not have doors and windows.
  2. To help the construction and equipment of a library for the school that will be equipped with instructional materials.
  3. To help the construction of residential buildings for the students.
  4. Offer scholarships to high performing students from poor families so that they can fulfill their educational potential.

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