• Children Education

    • Boni Consili Girls School Kyabirukwa, Uganda. (we support 50 children)
    • Children Health Education Foundation Camp, Soroti, Uganda (we support 300 children)
    • Grace for Orphans and Rural Women, Tilling, Uganda (We support 50 children)
    • Triple Center for Carers for Women and Orphans, Mombassa, Kenya (we support 130 children)
    • Girl education in Southern Kaduna, Northern Nigeria (approximately 300 girls will be supported beginning in the fall of 2014).

  • Well project

    It costs just $5,000 Canadian dollars to dig a well in Uganda and we have numerous outstanding requests for wells in Uganda.

  • Micro-credit for Women Co-Operative Groups

    With just $300 Canadian dollars a year, an average rural woman in our chosen African countries (Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria) will be able to start a small scale business and income generating activities (IGA) that can lead to self-sustenance for her and her family. With economic independence African women can support their families, sponsor the education of their children, provide for the health needs of their families, and be less vulnerable to sexual exploitation and exposure to STDs and HIV infections, as well as resist domestic violence.

  • Water, Educational or Skills-development Projects