The Principles of Canadian Samaritans for Africa

  1. We believe that Africa is a beautiful continent blessed with beautiful people and with immense human and natural resources.
  2. We believe that the future of Africa lies in the hands of Africans themselves
  3. We believe that African women hold the key to the future of Africa and that Africa is a continent of Mothers. This is why the focus of our charity is to build on the assets of African women through asset mapping, skills development, food production, and micro-credit support for women co-operatives and support for women entrepreneurial wealth creation through women driven income-generating activities.
  4. We believe in bottom-up grassroots approach to community development and prioritize assets of local communities and individuals over needs. This is why we adopt sustainable practices over interventionist needs-based humanitarian ministry.
  5. We believe in identifying, and affirming the assets of African women through community asset mapping protocols established through direct and respectful relationship between us and local communities in rural communities in Africa.
  6. We believe that our service can only bear fruit if we accompany African women in what they are already doing in their communities. We are called to support African women as partners so that their assets can be transformed through their communal bonds for wealth creation and through sustainable development practices.
  7. We believe that through these measures we can help strengthen African families by removing the causes of poverty while strengthening the communal structures which will promote the dignity and rights of African women, and gender equality. This is one of the ways through which African women could have greater voice in their local communities.
  8. All our projects in Africa are generated through our being immersed in local communities and through our participation and sharing in the joys and sorrows of women in particular faith-based local communities.
  9. All our projects must be environmentally friendly.
  10. All our projects must make a preferential option for women and children and minorities in local African communities especially those who suffer from any kind of discrimination.
  11. All our staff, volunteers, board members and local agents and workers must maintain the highest conduct in their dealing with vulnerable people. All sexual harassments, exploitation and abuse will be reported to the police. We maintain zero tolerance for any sexual abuse among our staff and agents and promote a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all our projects and in all our communities.

What You Can Do

Sponsor a specific water, educational or skills-development project in any of our chosen countries: Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.

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Charity Projects

  • Association Watinooma pour le Développement des Femmes du Sanmatenga Burkina Faso

    Charity Projects | Women Empowerment Projects

    Watinooma is a women's association, created since November 1994 by a group of strong willing  women living in Kaya in the province of Sanmatenga, 2 hours from Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. Watinooma means "come and be happy" in Moore the language of   Read More >

  • Construction of Two Wells and the Samaritans Female Hostel in Soroti

    Charity Projects | Water & Sanitation Projects

    Canadian Samaritans for Africa financed the construction of two wells in Akeriau Village, Abarilela Sub-county, Amuria District in Uganda which helps provide water for over 400 families.

    Canadian Samaritans for African also financed the building of a female hostel and a bore hole for   Read More >

  • Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project (KCU), Nairobi, Kenya

    Charity Projects | Community Projects

    Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project (KCU) is a registered community based organization in Kenya, working to complement the efforts of families already providing physical and emotional support to orphans and other vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through a family based approach,   Read More >

  • DeBridge School Waithaka, Nairobi

    Charity Projects | Education Projects

    Children in the DeBridge Community (Waithaka section of Nairobi) love to go to school. Each day the DeBridge School receives many parents or guardians who plead with them to accept their children. Unfortunately, they do not have enough capacity to accommodate every request. Thus   Read More >

  • CDTY Women Micro – Credit Support Centre

    Charity Projects | Women Empowerment Projects

    Recent studies done in the republic of South Sudan mainly by UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations indicate that due to the long period of conflict, the population of women exceeds that of men because most men have died in combat. At the same time the   Read More >

  • Atiji Ican Women Initiatives Against Poverty

    Charity Projects | Women Empowerment Projects

    Aitiji Ican”(meaning “Fighting Poverty”) Farmers’ Field School was started by the Women in Ongutoi village, Uganda. It was founded on the principle that a fully educated, empowered and economically productive woman in the family will be able to fight poverty at personal, family and community   Read More >

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