The Crisis Center for Carers

The Crisis Center for Carers (Triple C) is a non-profit, community based organization. It was initiated to bridge the gap between caretakers, orphan vulnerable children, and children in difficult circumstances at this era of HIV/AIDS epidemic and is registered with the Ministry of Gender and Social Development.

The activities undertaken in the year 2013 helped to make life better for Triple C beneficiaries and members. Sometimes Triple C family is usually confronted with complex matters due to hard socio-economic conditions and this was witnessed a lot in 2013 among some members. However the activities that were undertaken during this year fostered Triple C family to think voluntarily and independently. The trainings were aimed at sharing personal experiences, subtracting or modifying the information that they already had and sharpening and/or imparting new skills and at the close of the year members of Triple C family shared and testified on how the trainings benefitted them by imparting practical useful knowledge, skills and attitudes that have helped to transform their world.


We have partnered with Mike and Sara Dunn, founders of Tegemeza International Kenya to provide financial, emotional and operational support to the existing Triple C Centre programs in Mombasa Kenya enabling them to enhance their chariable works in supporting and empowering caregivers to live wholesome and independent lives. We are presently supporting 120 women from Crisis Center

Your contribution will help CSA to support these women and their children.

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