Message to our dear donors:

The world is experiencing extreme challenges in the wake of this corona virus pandemic COVID 19. Measures prescribed by Public Health to stem the rate of infection like social and physical distancing are onerous for individuals and societies to say the least.
However these measures translate to real hardship for a great number of CSA benefactors more so because these measure are incongruent with social norms and daily life activities. Observing these public health measures is nonetheless essential. For this reason CSA is initiating COVID 19 fund drive. This entails working with our agents to provide additional support targeted at encouraging social and physical distancing as observance of these measures are integral to the overall success of ongoing programs; of women empowerment and economic self reliance.
To sustain this COVID 19 imperative CSA is calling on our beloved and devoted donors for more support. No amount, as always, is too little. In this time of great need it is important to remember that our efforts as a an organization remain the same; to empower women and protect children by funding clusters of sustainable local economic initiatives; investing in the talent and resources of women. To donate please click on this link: DONATE NOW
  • Our Mission

    Canadian Samaritans for Africa is a faith-based registered international charity working with rural women in five African countries. Our mission is to find where God is present in the lives of poor and vibrant communities. 

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  • Make Donations

    We adopt a one dollar- for- one dollar policy, which means that every dollar you give is exactly what is given to local women in Africa because all of us at CSA are volunteers. This reduces our overhead to less than 5 percent of our donations. 

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  • Our Projects

    We support the building of the assets of African women through solidarity, love, respect, partnership and direct involvement in social transformation and wealth creation through women-led community-driven co-operative groups. Our projects aim at food security, water and sanitation, micro-credit, skills development, and women’s rights education, advocacy and support.

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About us

  • What we do

    We believe that Africa needs solidarity and collaboration not pity and sympathy. We are determined to support asset based grass roots goals than needs-based interventionist approaches. In order to realize this, we are determined to reach out to African women and rural communities, religious groups and non-religious organizations to promote educational initiatives, capacity-building, women empowerment, and rural water and sanitation projects Read more about us >
  • Food for Thought

    It is simply a myth that poverty cannot be conquered. Worldwide poverty can be overcome if people all over the world realize that our destiny is tied. When someone in any part of the world dies of hunger, a part of me dies; if the environment is wounded in any part of the world, something of who I am is hurt; if someone somewhere in the world is humiliated and abused by poverty and unhealthy living conditions, my human dignity is also abused. What is required for poverty to remain in the world especially in Africa is for Africans to give up hope and non-Africans to treat the poverty of Africa as if it did not matter to world peace and prosperity. - Stan Chu Ilo

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