"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me"

Love, Solidarity, Collaboration

About Us

Principles of Operation

We believe that Africa needs solidarity and collaboration not pity and sympathy. In order to realize this mission, we commit ourselves to reaching out to African women and rural communities, faith-based women’s groups in order to promote educational initiatives, capacity-building, the agency and rights of women in wealth creation, and rural water and sanitation projects. CSA will reach out to African women, and rural communities, and faith-based groups to promote the education of vulnerable and poor children especially girls, empowerment of women through support for income generating activities and skills acquisition, access to water and sanitation, and food security through agriculture.

We work particularly in communities who are facing all kinds of vulnerabilities as a result of violence, war, displacement, climate change, ecological stress on their natural environment and natural disasters. We believe that the end of poverty in Africa will come about through a pro-active, asset-building approach which will stimulate development through cultural and human development at the grassroots level. This will enable Africans to take ownership of their Continent with its rich human and material resources.

We believe that the end of poverty in Africa will come about through a pro-active approach that stimulates development through cultural and human development at grassroots level, rather than reactionary approaches which perpetuate a cycle of dependency. We work as friends and partners in solidarity with African women so that they can become the artisans of their own future and that of their society.

This is the principle that informed the formation of the Canadian Samaritans for Africa. This is an organization of Canadians from various Diasporas who are working quietly, outside the glee of international media to change the lives of ordinary Africans in small ways. We are concerned about the failure of aid initiatives in the Continent of Africa, especially from North America, and we work, diligently, to illustrate that a different kind of Africa is possible, based on meaningful partnerships between Africa and North America which leads to sustainable development at grassroots level. This, we believe, is the best thing we can offer to Continental Africans, especially the women and children who aspire to work hard to realize a better future for themselves and their children. To this end we will work along the following guidelines:

  • All donations, which we receive, go directly to Continental Africans in support of education, women development, health, and water development.
  • We support assets over needs, based on projects in East and West Africa.
  • Administration cost is kept to a 5% expense to revenues generated.
  • All Board Membership and administration are comprised of volunteers.
  • Projects are facilitated and validated based on articulated needs, local trusteeships, local religious organizational contacts, manageability, two-way communication, cultural exchanges, and ongoing progress reports.
  • CSA is open and receptive to receiving contributions from donor agencies and institutions in Canada and worldwide. As a charitable organization, we aim for success and direct impact of our projects on the lives of our recipients while preserving and protecting the environment.