"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me"

Love, Solidarity, Collaboration

The Adu-Achi Women Cooperative Union began in 2008. Women in this village came together to work on how to improve their economic and social well being and conquer poverty. They decided to form a multi-purpose micro-credit union and were making monthly contributions to a common account and using the funds as a small loan in what is called ISUSU in this part of the world. This movement of the women touched many people who assisted towards discovering their talents, promoting, encouraging and championing them to excellent height. It is formed out of love and voluntary obligation in respect of grass-root development for the women. The organization has continued to receive assistance from the Canadian Samaritans for Africa.
The women cooperative consists of seven sub-groups located in smaller villages within the same community (Adu-Achi). From the subgroups, it could then be seen that the Adu~Achi Cooperative Union is made up of over 94 women, each working towards individual and societal development. This Cooperative is registered with the Oji-Rover Local Government.

With the assistance from CSA, the Adu~Achi women cooperative union was given entrepreneurial training, where they were taught basic skills on how to prepare and produce domestic products like Laundry Soaps, Waterproof/Nylon bags of different sizes and Baked products like cakes, bread, chin chin meat pie etc. This was necessitated because most of these domestic products being used by the community were produced outside the local community.

The liberation and empowerment of women is the ultimate vision of this cooperative, just as the popular saying that when you feed a woman, you ultimately feed a nation. There is no better way to achieve this than to get the women together as a group and to ensure maximum participation. By coming together, the women become a pillar of support and encouragement to each other.