Sherryann Ambrose

My name is Sherryann C. Ambrose. I was recently elected as a Board Member with the Canadian Samaritans for Africa (CSA) charitable organization. I am humbled by the appointment in […]

Stan Chu Ilo

Stan Chu Ilo is the founder and current president of the Canadian Samaritans for Africa. He is a Catholic priest and is presently a Research Professor of World Christianity and […]

Ekwy Odozor

Ekwy Odozor is a mother of 4, teacher, information specialist and community leader. Ekwy considers it a privilege to be serving in Canadian Samaritan for Africa. Ekwy was born in […]

Afam A. Ene

Afam A. Ene is a community builder and works diligently in service to his community in Nigeria and the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. His education and research interest is […]