"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me"

Love, Solidarity, Collaboration


Karine is a highly motivated and resourceful Leader with significant experience in all aspect of non -profit fundraising. She has a proven record of fostering organizational growth and effective management of medium to large teams. She is an advocate for social justice and an activist for marginalized communities.

Prior to this role , Karine was the Executive Director and Founder of a charity called “Women and girls of the World ” where she raised awareness on women and girls issues over the world. She  campaigned against the practice of using children as soldiers and against rape as a weapon of war in conflicts over the world . She was also  an advocate for the creation of safe natural disaster’s zones for the most vulnerable.

Karine has  partnered with multiple other organizations and served as an executive member of their boards .  Organizations such as : Interim Place, Boys and girls of East Scaraborough , Poor Canada , Fort York Food Bank , where all recipients of her passionate dedication and compassion for their cause.

Her ability to speak more than five languages has helped her build win-win relationships in diverse communities and important stakeholders ,  she has worked as a leader for 500 fortune companies such as Microsoft , General Motors , IBM, Petro -Canada ….etc.
She is a life long learner with high end education under her belts in Economics , political Sciences, project management , Marketing and Entrepreneurship from universities such as Mc Gill , Ryerson and Universite de Montreal.