"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me"

Love, Solidarity, Collaboration

Canadian Samaritans for Africa

Building on the Assets of the African Woman

Women rights
Women standing up for women’s rights after a civic education at the Women’s Center in Achi, Nigeria
Empowering women in Agriculture
Women working at a farm in an agricultural project sponsored by CSA in Soroti, Uganda
Food Security
Women working at a bakery established by CSA for women in Achi, Nigeria
Empowering Women
CSA Micro Loan
Madame Oundakoumougna, at her food warehouse, she is a proud owner of a grocery shop started with CSA loan.

We believe that Africa needs solidarity and collaboration not pity and sympathy.

We are determined to support asset based grass roots goals than needs-based interventionist approaches. In order to realize this, we reach out to African women and rural communities, religious groups and non-religious organizations to promote educational initiatives, capacity-building, women empowerment, and rural water and sanitation projects

Our Mission

We are a faith-based registered international charity working with rural women in five African countries. Our mission is to find where God is present in the lives of poor and vibrant communities.

Make a Donation

CSA is entirely run and staffed by volunteers. Every dollar you give goes to the African women we support.

Our Projects

Our projects provide food security, water and sanitation, micro-credit, skills development, and women’s rights education, advocacy and support.

Food For Thought

It is simply a myth that poverty cannot be conquered. Worldwide poverty can be overcome if people all over the world realize that our destiny is tied. When someone in any part of the world dies of hunger, a part of me dies; if the environment is wounded in any part of the world, something of who I am is hurt; if someone somewhere in the world is humiliated and abused by poverty and unhealthy living conditions, my human dignity is also abused. What is required for poverty to remain in the world especially in Africa is for Africans to give up hope and non-Africans to treat the poverty of Africa as if it did not matter to world peace and prosperity. – Stan Chu Ilo

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