"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me"

Love, Solidarity, Collaboration

2023 Gala Event

Canadian Samaritans 2023 event

The 2023 Gala Night Event Was a Success Step into the world of elegance and enchantment at our illustrious Gala event of 2023. As the curtains rose, a realm of […]

Adu-Achi Women Cooperative Union

The Adu-Achi Women Cooperative Union began in 2008. Women in this village came together to work on how to improve their economic and social well being and conquer poverty. They […]

Atiji Ican Women Initiatives Against Poverty

Aitiji Ican”(meaning “Fighting Poverty”) Farmers’ Field School was started by the Women in Ongutoi village, Uganda. It was founded on the principle that a fully educated, empowered and economically productive […]

Ofuobi Christian Women Cooperative Society

The Ofuobi (One Heart) Christian Women Cooperative is an association of women in Orba, Eastern Nigeria who pulled themselves together to raise a common fund from which members borrowed to […]

Tegemeza International

Tegemeza in Swahili means “to support”. Tegemeza was founded in 2014 after our family returned from an extended trip to Kenya. While in Mombasa, Kenya, we met a wonderful faith-filled […]